Rotation Revolution Released!

Rotation Revolution is finally out. I have been working on this game for the past few weeks. It's a pretty simple and small game, especially when compared to the many games on this website. However, this is my very first game and I have used this process to learn a lot about Unity and making games with it. I made this game by following the "Roll-a-Ball" tutorial from Unity (link below) and then expanding on that tutorial by messing around and learning more about Unity.  It has always been my dream to make video games and this game is the first step in that dream. I hope to continue learning and making new games as well as expanding  and adding more to this game.  The next step that I am currently working on is creating a version of the game for Android as I feel this game would work nicely on smartphones. I hope you enjoy the game and please leave any suggestions in the comments for what I could do to improve the game.

Roll-a-Ball Tutorial:

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